Perfectly Pure and Good




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Sarah Fortune is happy to be sorting out the inheritance problems of the Pardoes, as it promises to distance her from a claustrophobic relationship with Malcolm Cook, and she cannot bear to be a captive.

But she soon discovers that guilt, insecurity, unrequited love and a touch of insanity afflict the Pardoes and the seaside town where they live in Norfolk - all a legacy of a suicide of two years before, when a beautiful woman walked into the sea and never came back.  And there is another element of the legacy, a white-haired figure some call a ghost and others call a vagrant who roams the beach and harmlessly haunts the town:  until he insinuates himself into the power struggles of the Pardoe children and becomes the mysterious and cunning enemy of all concerned.


'Her knowledge of the workings of the human mind - or more correctly the soul - is second to none.'
Ian Rankin

'Vintage Fyfield - tense sharply observed and fiendishly clever'

'Gripping and disturbing'
Sunday Express

'Driven by the excellence of her writing and her superb mastery of frissony atmosphere.'
The Times



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