Safer than Houses




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Sarah Fortune inherited her flat from one of her many lovers.  Now a son has appeared claiming it is his, morally if not strictly legally, and he is using illegal means to persuade Sarah to give it up:  abusive letters threatening her personal harm.  As it becomes more difficult to ignore these missives, Sarah comes across Henry, a timid, lonely man whose upstairs neighbour is using every trick in the racketeer landlord's book to make him leave his home:  litter in the shared hallway, continual noise, poison set out for his cat.  It seems that if they swap accommodation for a while they may be able to deal with each other's problems.  But these two strangers have unknown connections in common:  a well-meaning widow, a struggling therapist, and a man who sets fire to other people's property for a living …


“impressive psychological insight… Frances Fyfield challenges us to deal with what is, on the face of it, an unthinkable situation, and to ponder its consequences. It is an unexpectedly liberating experience”
The Times Literary Supplement

“a deeply satisfying read… powerfully drawn characters and compelling tension”
The Independent

“A mesmerising mix of characters”
Time Out

“Fyfield is on fine form with this gripping psychological thriller”
The Mirror

“elegant writing and skilful handling of the story… a sophisticated and thoughtful chiller”
The Sunday Telegraph 



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